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We understand at Oxmoor Collision that being involved in an accident involving insurance can be stressful and tedious. Our mission is to provide certified collision repairs with a streamlined insurance claims process that mitigates some of the stress and hassle involved. We have extensive experience working with all major insurance companies and many smaller agencies as well. Continue reading about insurance claims below and schedule your free estimate today at Oxmoor Collision in Louisville, KY.


The Auto Insurance Claims Process

The auto insurance claims process involves five steps that begin with being involved in an accident that requires insurance. Vehicle owners have the exclusive right to choose who provides their collision repairs. Here are the five insurance claim steps:

  • Filing the Claim
    Filing the claim means notifying the insurance company that the covered vehicle has been involved in an accident with some kind of damage that you want to be repaired. The insurance company will request specifics and most companies will assign your claim a number that allows you to track progress.
  • Damage Assessment & Repair Estimate
    The insurance company needs a damage estimate that evaluates the damage and provides a repair proposal. Some insurance companies have employees to review the damages with many now allowing photos submitted via the insurance company’s portal. We provide our customers with free estimates completed by certified technicians that include a written damage estimate and repair service proposal detailing exactly what was damaged and how we intend to fix it.
  • Review & Approve Estimate
    The damage assessment and repair estimate is given to the owner and we can also work directly with insurance providers to review, discuss, and approve the estimate. Once approved, we can order replacement parts immediately and begin the repair as soon as possible.
  • Repairs
    We perform the repairs as detailed in the approved estimate. Repairs are completed to certified standards with genuine OEM parts as needed with a fast turnaround.
  • Receive Settlement
    Depending upon the specifics, the insurance company will pay the claim directly or sent the settlement to you for reimbursement.


Oxmoor Collision Insurance Claims

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