Can I choose my own repair facility?

Yes, you can. While the insurance company will readily suggest a repair facility for you to use, it is still ultimately your decision, and you are in control. When you blindly accept the facility that they have suggested without any research and representation for you, then the quality of your vehicle repair could suffer. Many insurance companies choose their facilities based upon prices and rates prematurely established between them and the shop. The quality and safety is not their end goal like it is for you when you are looking into repairs.


Frequently Asked Questions

Will the insurance company steer me from my choice?

Steering is when you are being manipulated into choosing the mechanic shop that was suggested and not the one you choose. When you start to hear comments from the insurance company that they do not intend to pay for certain services or parts that may be used to repair your damaged vehicle, then you are most likely being steered by the insurance company. These statements are often untrue and a way to discourage you from getting the quality work and service to your vehicle that you want because the rate may be higher.

Is a Drive-In Claims necessary to assess the damage?

No, you are not required to carry your vehicle to drive-in claims. If you so choose, the insurer can come out to your vehicle’s current location and assess the damage there. Legally, insurance companies are not allowed to require you to bring this in, as the travel and transport of the vehicle could cause further damage to your vehicle, and they can choose not to cover any additional damage. If you have a preferred repair shop that you had the vehicle towed to, the insurer must go to that location for the assessment.

Who is guaranteeing repairs and workmanship?

When you bring your car to the repair shop, they are responsible for guaranteeing the repairs and the quality of your vehicle once it has been fixed. The insurance companies are only responsible for their financial portion of covering the service, but not directly applying the service to your vehicle. Do not stress over your insurance company’s statement that they will not guarantee the repairs. Expect this guarantee from the repair shop that you are receiving the service from.

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