What Should I Do If I Am Involved In An Accident?

No matter how minor, it is wise to report every accident to the police. Then, contact the collision repair shop of your choice. Your independent auto body shop can assist you with the processing of your claim, answer your questions, and advise you to ensure safe and proper repairs are made to your vehicle.

Do I Have To Take My Vehicle To A Drive-In Claims Center Or Get Multiple Appraisals?

No. If you request it, your insurer must inspect the damage to your vehicle at your chosen collision repair shop rather than at their drive-in claims center. They are legally prohibited from coercing or using any tactics intended to prevent you from seeking damage appraisals from your own body shop rather than their drive-in facility.

How Do I Know If I Am Being Steered?

If you are told that it will take longer to get your car repaired or cost more if you choose your own shop, BEWARE. You are probably being steered. Comments such as “We won´t reimburse paint and materials,” “We don´t pay that rate,” “We won´t guarantee the work if you take the car there,” or “We won´t pay the difference” are misleading and usually untrue.

Why Should I Choose My Own Collision Repair Facility Rather Than One “Suggested” By The Insurance Company?

There are compelling reasons to choose an independent, trusted repair shop that you know will make sure the vehicle is truly restored to its pre-accident condition. Insurance appraisers work for the insurance company. Independent auto collision repair facilities work for you. They are looking out for your best interest. They will negotiate directly with the insurance company for the proper repairs so that your vehicle is safe for you and your family. Independent collision repairers look out for your interests and will serve as your advocate in the repair process.

Who Guarantees The Workmanship For The Repairs?

The repair facility is responsible for the workmanship. Insurance companies do not repair automobiles. If there is a concern, even with a facility selected by the insurance company, the facility itself is responsible. If your insurance company claims “they will not guarantee the repairs,” don´t worry, the repair facility will guarantee them. Ask the shop for their guarantee.