Louisville Collision and Body Shop

Louisville’s Collision and Body Shop is Oxmoor Collision Center.  We have more Manufacturer Certifications than any other Auto Body Shop in Louisville. No other Collision Center comes close:

  • Honda Certified
  • GM Certified
  • Toyota Certified
  • Hyundai Certified
  • Mazda Certified
  • Chrysler Certified
  • Jeep Certified
  • RAM Certified
  • Ford Certified
  • Lincoln Certified
  • Porsche Certified
  • Jaguar Certified
  • Land Rover Certified
  • Audi Certified
  • Buick Certified
  • Chevy Certified
  • GMC Certified
  • Cadillac Certified

We work hard to be the best at what we do, not just in Louisville, but in the U.S.  We have specialty and exotic cars  shipped to us from around the US and Canada because we know how to bring your vehicle back to like new tolerances.

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We are Louisville’s Certified Collision and Body shop.