Enterprise Rent-a-Car Service

Dealing with collision repair is stressful enough as it is. You’re likely still dealing with the fallout of being in a collision. Hopefully, you haven’t been injured and all of the other logistics that come with being without a vehicle for a period of time. You’re worried about dealing with insurance companies, as well as finding a collision repair center that can repair your car with certified technicians and genuine OEM parts in Louisville, KY. The last thing you want to worry about is having to find alternate transportation while our certified technicians are repairing your vehicle at Oxmoor Collision. Our collision center partners with Enterprise to provide rental car services right in our Louisville, KY collision center, which is just one of the many reasons that customers all around the Louisville area trust us for certified collision repair.

Convenient Rental Car Services at Oxmoor Collision in Louisville, KY

Other collision centers don’t partner directly with rental car companies and thus don’t provide the same level of convenience that we do at Oxmoor Collision. The typical service appointment at those collision centers goes like this: you get your vehicle to their collision center somehow, and you either pay for alternative transportation, have a friend pick you up (leaving you still carless), or you wait 20-30 minutes for your rental car company to deliver their vehicle to your location. At Oxmoor Collision, there’s no wait at all – you just drop off your vehicle, and after a couple of minutes of providing information at our Enterprise Rent-a-Car desk, you’ll have a rental vehicle that matches your needs.

Rental Cars That Work for You

When dealing with rental car companies that aren’t affiliated with a collision center, you may get stuck with a vehicle that doesn’t suit your needs. If you’ve got a large family and your van or SUV is in the collision center, you certainly don’t need a four-door or two-door sedan as your replacement during your collision service. At Oxmoor Collision, our Enterprise Rent-a-Car service allows our service representatives to match you with a vehicle that fits your needs so that you aren’t inconvenienced at all by lack of space or utility in your rental vehicle.



Contact Us Today to Book Your Rental Vehicle Ahead of Time

Either give us a call, utilize our online contact form to schedule your collision repair appointment, and request a rental vehicle ahead of time to save time at our collision center in Louisville, KY. Doing so will help us help you more quickly, and you can get back to business as usual in your rental car with Enterprise Rent-a-Car services at Oxmoor Collision in Louisville, KY.

Oxmoor Collision is located at: 11505 Electron Dr • Louisville, KY 40299

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