At other body shops, you drop your car off for repair and then wait for a car rental company to come get you 20 minutes later. They often bring you a car to use or if you don’t like that vehicle they bring you back to their branch miles away to choose another, taking even more of your time. All that process does is add more headache to your repair. That is why Oxmoor Collision Center does it differently.

Oxmoor Collision has teamed up with Enterprise car rental and added a rental branch right inside our building. We provide on site staff that can get you in a car of your choice and have you driving down the road just a few minutes after your car is dropped off. When your vehicle is done with repairs, simply bring your Enterprise car rental back to our shop and leave it with us. We realize that your time is important and the last thing we want to do is add any more stress to the car repair process.

Enterprise sign

Enterprise car lot