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Ford Aluminum Body Repairs

Ford Aluminum Body Repairs – Surprising Results

When Ford switched over from steel bodies to aluminum in 2015, a lot of folks thought they were throwing in the towel and going off the cheap deep end. Everyone knew aluminum was a softer metal than steel. And the switch meant in most people’s minds that the Ford body was going to be no more than a plastic wrap on a frame from that point forward. However, what people are finding in hindsight is that while Ford bodies do crumple a bit more, the cost of repairing them is far lower than predecessor steel bodies.

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Sectioning Off Versus Complexity

Much of the repair change dynamic has to do with how the F-series trucks are now incorporating far more of a modular design and body assembly versus a combined body approach used in legacy designs. This allows for far easier swapping of parts without entire breakdowns and reassemblies, and a far easier spare part inventory support as production for spares can match the parts that need replacing the most. And, for truck owners, many are finding that not only is the repair cost for dents and replacement of body parts not going up, but it may also actually be notably less overall as a result.

Additional Benefits Over Steel Become Apparent

The aluminum body also comes with other benefits. The lighter weight load on the Ford truck makes it far more fuel-efficient than the older models. In turn, that also returns dollars back in owner’s wallets over the lifespan of a newer truck. Aluminum is far easier to repair and reform as well as work with on a body part than steel as well. That reduces labor costs for repairs as well as produces far faster repairs as well. And, in terms of safety, Ford trucks with the aluminum body did not increase into the negative zone with their latest crash test ratings. In fact, much to everyone’s surprise, the overall data package showed a similar performance to earlier Ford trucks that had steel bodies.

Local Aluminum Body Repair Support

All of the above said, when your Ford truck does need a repair or restoration, you’re going to want to be working with a shop that provides Ford certified aluminum repairs versus generic bodywork services. At Oxmoor Collision, we embraced the Ford aluminum body shift early on and got on board with the transition. As a result, our team has some of the most extensive experience working with Ford aluminum body repairs in the Louisville, KY area. And we have become so proficient. We regularly take customers from St. Matthews, Lyndon, Middletown, and Jeffersontown as well. So, if your newer truck just got a dent or a bang-up and you’re worried about what to do next, give us a call. We’ll get your Ford truck back on the road looking right without breaking the bank doing so.

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